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Note: This utility has been designed for customers that are unsure of whether or not their systems are compatible with our website. If there is an incompatibility in a certain area, this tool will assist you in diagnosing what's wrong and issue potential fixes or workarounds. There is no need to download or install anything. This tool is online based and strictly here to assist you in having a problem free session here at Motographix Inc..

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Cookie Check

Session-based Cookies Persistent Cookies

The Cookie Check is another simple test that is performed on your browser to check and see whether or not you have enabled cookies or not for your browser. Cookies are small bits of information stored in your browser by the websites you visit. Not all websites set cookies; however, most large websites that need to be able to distinguish between each user on the website set cookies. These are called session-based cookies. On the other hand, some websites use cookies to remember who you are. These are called persistent cookies. One of the fundamental differences between these types of cookies are when you close your browser or exit the specific website that set the cookie, your session-based cookies will be removed.